Brainerd Riverfront Committee


The Brainerd Riverfront Committee was appointed to provide feedback and oversight of the riverfront efforts and offer guidance to the Riverfront Coordinator.

Offering a balance of backgrounds and expertise, the Brainerd Riverfront Committee team is comprised of the following dedicated people:

  • John Forrest,  Brainerd Rotary, Interim Co-Chairman
  • Donald Gorham, Bridge of Harmony, Original Riverfront Steering Committee Member, Interim Co-Chairman
  • Erik Roberts, Brainerd Resident
  • Jim Roelofs, Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation (BLACF)
  • Ashley Storm, Brainerd Resident
  • Jeff Ledin, Brainerd Resident
  • Jennifer Jacquot-DeVries, Area Resident
  • Ross Ladehoff, Area Resident
  • Gabe Johnson, Brainerd City Council Liaison
  • Shane Riffle, YMCA
  • Rod Osterloh, Close-Converse, Past Chairman