Vision | Goals

Our Vision—Maximize our Mississippi Riverfront by creating recreational, economic and cultural opportunities for Brainerd’s residents and visitors.

Our Goals—The Brainerd Riverfront Committee has established goals for 2016:

  1. Prepare a phased implementation plan based on the Mississippi Riverfront Partnership Plan
    • Identify and summarize similar successful riverfront projects in other communities
    • Identify which projects are feasible and achievable
    • Provide a timeline with benchmarks
    • Identify property owners and parcel information along the corridor
  2. Identify funding sources and uses
    • Provide a list of eligible funding sources based on identified projects
    • Identify additional expertise
    • Determine a budget
  3. Identify and begin one achievable and visible project within the first year
  4. Create a community engagement strategy with a public relations campaign
    • Engage the community in the process for their input
    • Create videos, website, social media communications for the project