Relay of Voices – The Great River Run

CALLING ALL RUNNERS, WALKERS, BIKERS, AND PADDLERS! Join us on July 22-23rd for river-related opportunities. Join us on July 22nd from 5:30-7:30 for a community potluck, local music, and an opportunity to gather along the Mississippi (Rice Lake) at at the pavilion at Lum Park.

Are you a runner, walker, biker, or paddler? Help send off Relay on the morning of July 23rd as she travels to Little Falls. Want to join? You’re welcome to participate!

Relay of Voices (Relay), a four-month long expedition from the Headwaters to the Mouth of the Mississippi River, makes its way through Brainerd on July 22, 2019. Spearheaded by Victoria Bradford Styrbicki with the assistance of a “relay team” made up of support staff and regional volunteers, Relay embarks on a mission to collect individual stories across the Mississippi River region, acting as a mobile studio space traversing the landscape, giving everyone involved the opportunity to engage in the artistic process and feel the urgency of being connected in space and time. The entire endeavor will take place from July through November 2019.

Following the day’s activities and the performance event, on the morning of July 23, the 32 miles to Little Falls will be approached as a relay composed of surrogate walkers, runners, cyclists, and paddlers from neighboring river communities. When no regional surrogates step in to carry the voices downriver, Styrbicki will approach the distance as a duathlon—a run out of town, cycling the longer stretch between, followed by a run into the next town. Styrbicki and the relay team will “gather the landscape” making observations with their senses as well as with GPS body cameras mounted to their torsos or bikes for use in mapping analysis and storytelling.


Follow turn by turn the route that Relay and the surrogate walkers/runners/cyclists/paddlers will take from Brainerd to Little Falls.

Relay Route